The testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals who have seen Simon and may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Some of the names have been changed for privacy reasons.

“I have always struggled with a lack of confidence … that inner push to achieve that little bit more in life. I went to see Simon and since then my life has really started to turn around – it’s now about how well I did, not what I could have done. Not knowing a lot about clinical hypnotherapy, I was a little sceptical. Each session with Simon was very comfortable and the positive outcomes almost immediate. Not only has Simon improved me with my self confidence, I find I also sleep much better at night and I am just a lot more relaxed. It has been a great experience and I would thoroughly recommend momentum clinical hypnotherapy centre to anyone.”
Amanda T, Parkdale.

“I went to see Simon to quit smoking, I’d really had enough of the tightness in my chest, as well as the waste of money. I’d been smoking for over 15 years, around 20-30 cigarettes a day. I was very surprised that I stopped, totally, after the first session! I went back for two more sessions to reinforce my “new habit” of not smoking. Eight months later, I still haven’t felt the urge to light up”.
David J, Mentone.

“Simon has conducted three hypnotherapy sessions for me to assist with stress and a poor sleep pattern. The result has been amazing and I find I am much more relaxed and by using the self hypnosis that Simon has taught me I am experiencing a much more restful sleep at night. More recently Simon has conducted hypnotherapy sessions to assist with pain management following a knee injury. The techniques that Simon has taught me to manage the pain level has been invaluable and I will continue the sessions as necessary”
Sue T, Patterson Lakes.

“I really enjoyed doing hypnotherapy with Simon. His grounded and practical energy comes through in his sessions, helping you to power on towards your goals. A very pragmatic approach to get the great results you are looking for. Whether it be building your confidence or improving your performance in any area Simon’s there to help. Thanks Simon :)”
Leisa A, Ferntree Gully.

“If what you want is results then i would highly recommend Simon. His no nonsense approach is refreshing and…. effective !”
Michel B, Coburg.

“Hi Simon, I want to thank you for the hypnotherapy. You have helped me to make powerful changes in my life around the areas of motivation, time management and achieving my goals. Since our last session I have been able to set goals, manage my time more effectively, and move towards getting the important, rather than always the urgent things done. My anxiety has reduced and I face each day in a calm and relaxed way. Thanks again”                                                                                                              Lisa B, Port Melbourne.

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